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Welcome to Balaji Movies

Balaji Movies

Experience State of Art - Photo Shoots and Helicam Video Graphy

Successful Professional Photographer is at the core for success of Photography Industry. The changing trends of international economy brought in new technology in Image printing. it threw new challenges before the Professional Photographers Professional Labs and Commercial Printers.

At this juncture of technology transformation and new innovation Stalwarts Photographers and Labs in North India worked hard to give a road map to the photography industry for a turnaround and rise up to the new challenges before it. The time was ripe for converting these challenges as an opportunity we cannot miss.

Leaders of the Northern India Photographic Industry together to pool in their wealth of rich professional photography knowledge, experience, talent and caliber to create a Professional State of Art Digital Press, to help Professional Photographers and Professional Lab get latest world class Press Printed Products for their customers. With this the “new era in image printing” was laid.

We were instantly attracted to Wedding photography ever since we had our own back in early 2009 and went through the surge of emotions that followed on our special day. Being amid the thrill and vibrant web of colors and emotions of a Wedding home has by far been the most amazing experience for us. So if you are getting married and are looking for someone to capture your most coveted day do give us a call or send us an email and we would love to hear your love tale…

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